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Thank you for visiting our site! We here at The Cause are in the business to eradicate Human Trafficking through prevention, action and aftercare. We hope that after watching the video {click VIDEO to watch} and looking through this site you are moved to action.

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Current Campaign: A Cambodian Farm

We are excited to {officially} announce our involvement with a new PROJECT that launched TODAY (November 20th) and a sweet t-shirt that we carry because of it!!!!! The Cause is partnering up with Coast to Coast Central to impact Cambodia in a huge way!
The Project is A Cambodian Farm
            The Cause has partnered with Coast to Coast Central to build a farm in Kampong Thom, Cambodia, which will help sustain an orphanage of 80 children.  The farm will provide all the funding necessary for the orphanage to attain sustainable efficiency, eliminating the need for monthly donors. The farm will not only provide the children with a home and a strong place of support, but they will also provide three meals a day, health care, and an education for the orphans. Through this project, many children will be able to experience loyalty for the first time, and this project will help give these children all the tools they need in order achieve success, as well as provide them with the opportunities to fulfill their dreams.
Where does The Wolf Tee fit in?

The Wolf Tee provides orphans with a place to call home and the sustainability of that home. When you buy The Wolf Tee, you are making an investment in the lives of these boys and girls, and you are empowering them to dream. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from The Wolf Tee go toward funding the Cambodian Farm.


A Cambodia Farm + The Wolf Tee
We are thrilled to be partnering with the inspiring ladies at Coast to Coast Central& look forward to the very near day that the farm is complete!

Matt + Emily

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